Conditions of Contract
Conducting a purchase You2Call Comunicaciones, SL, hereinafter APELCOM®, implies acceptance by the client of the legal conditions listed below:

Prices reflected on this website are in euros (€). Prices are valid except misprint or while stocks last.
Sales in APELCOM® will comply with the Spanish laws with subsequent payment of taxes.

When completing the purchase form APELCOM®. No obligation to be registered. The information we receive when you register will be completely confidential and will not have any access to this information people outside Apelcom.

APELCOM® is not responsible for lost or stolen, fraudulent or improper use of its products.

APELCOM® is not responsible for changes in specifications and features of products or when prices by suppliers, may change without notice.

The photographs illustrating the products do not enter the contractual field and may not lead to any kind of commitment from APELCOM®.

APELCOM® accepts no responsibility for the content validity of the technical specifications and descriptions of mobile terminals from our suppliers.

APELCOM® reserves at all times and unilaterally modify the price of products and services offered through its website. To ensure the customer the certainty and safety of the price of their products, this will be the force in the advertising at the time of checkout.

At the time of execution of the purchase, once used the menu option of accepting these General Conditions provided means the customer's consent for the validity and effectiveness of the sales contract which binds the parties.




To ensure complete safety for the consumer payment of the goods purchased the following payment systems are established:

Charge to credit / debit card of any bank.

You must indicate the numbers of your credit card / debit card, expiration thereof and CVC. We will make a charge for the amount you have marked on the form. Your purchase is made through the payment platform online or SABADELL POS or POS BBVA, SANTANDER or CAIXA and the entered data will be transmitted directly to it. APELCOM® not retain this information except as expressly stated on his part.

For all monthly installment payments and other consumption outside of tariffs, it is mandatory that we submit and / or attach as indicated on the order form Authorization Credit Card, correctly completed and signed.


In the monthly payment will only be charged the chosen fee of the contract sim (they are not prepaid sim), in this Flat Rate of the month, only local calls, some sms and data if they had (the charge will be made on the 20th On the 30th of each month, the Flat Fee for the month that starts is charged),


The following month after the billing is closed once the local operator's invoice has been received, if the customer has made calls that do not fit into your flat rate, for example, the corresponding charge will be made to your credit card:


o Collection duplicate or 5 €  - shipping charges 0 € Doubled University to a not her  address  7  

o Excess or local calls on your flat-rate contracted.

o Excess or SMS on your flat-rate contracted.

o Excess MB on your flat-rate contracted.

o International calls direct from your mobile (If it is not included in a quota or to contract a call bonus).

o MMS, Fare 90x, 80x,

o Premium Services,

o Access Content (Play Store, App Store, or other applications that charge amounts to increase consumer billing line)

o Roaming IN/OUT. (If you want to activate roaming, you must prepay 50 € limit).

o Calls to intelligent network in the country where you were

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